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Reykanes Geothermal Pool

Situated in an area abundant with hot springs, Reykanes Geothermal Pool is supplied with water through a pipeline connected to a geothermal source, reaching temperatures close to 83 degrees Celsius. Opened to the public in 2002, the owners invested significantly in renovating both the pool and the adjacent hotel.

Facilities: Reykanes Geothermal Pool features a sun terrace, changing rooms, benches in the water, hot tubs, restrooms, and showers.

Notable Facts:

  • It is considered the largest hot pool in Iceland, measuring 50 meters in length and 12.5 meters in width.
  • Visitors are advised to check the water temperature before entering the pool.
  • The hotel, originally established as a school in 1934, operated until 1991. Both the school and the hotel were built above the hot spring.
  • The old pool, Gamla Laugin, with remnants visible on-site, was constructed in 1889, but a pool existed at the location as early as 1837.
  • Swimming lessons were offered on-site between 1830 and 1927, as indicated by a small sign near the pool.
  • An endemic plant to the western fjords, brought to the region by a German botanist, can be found near the pool. It is known as Vatnamynta, or water mint.

Activities in the Area:

  • Close to Reykanes, the Reykjanes Hotel has an old salt factory, built in 1773. Although the original factory operated for only two decades, a new one now stands on the ruins, producing salt using the same process.
  • In Reykjanes, near the hotel, there is a dirt road leading to two large stone figures known as trolls—Kerling and Karl. A sign nearby guides visitors on a short walk between these unique formations.
  • Following the dirt road, travelers can reach a large colony of seals, some swimming in the water, and others basking on the rocks.

Directions: Reykanes Geothermal Pool is located next to Reykjanes Hotel on Route 61 in the western fjords.

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