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Myvatn Nature Baths

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The place opened in 2004 near Lake Myvatn, receiving its waters from the nearby Bjarnarflag geothermal plant.

The water enters the large pool at a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius, then flows into smaller pools, gradually cooling to 36-40 degrees Celsius. The lagoon, artificially created, has a sandy bottom.

The lagoon contains many minerals beneficial for the skin, making the water suitable for bathing. Due to their mineral composition, the waters do not harbor impurities or bacteria, eliminating the need for chlorine. However, it is advisable not to wear jewelry while bathing due to the high levels of sulfur.

Because of the sulfur, the waters are particularly therapeutic and healthy for those with respiratory or skin conditions.

Some facts:

  • It is the ‘little sister’ of the Blue Lagoon in Grindavik and is also known as the ‘Northern Blue Lagoon.’
  • The depth of the lagoon is 1.3 meters.
  • The lagoon has approximately 35 million liters of water in constant circulation.
  • It is important to remove all jewelry and watches before entering the water.
  • Prior to entering the water, it is recommended to wash and use a hair conditioner, leaving it on the hair to prevent drying.
  • Hair care products made from minerals in the lagoon are provided in the changing rooms, and they are organic and environmentally friendly.
  • Two enclosed steam baths (with windows allowing a view of the surrounding beauty) are situated above the warm main pool. A wooden bridge leads to them, and the humidity in the room reaches 100 degrees while the room temperature is close to 50 degrees.


  • Restaurant and a terrace for relaxation.
  • Two large pools and two steam baths, changing rooms, a shop offering spa products, and cosmetic appliances using lagoon water.

Cancellation policy:

  • Full refund for cancellations made more than 3 days before arrival.

It is essential to arrive at the specified date and time.

How to get there:

  • Drive on Route 1 towards Akureyri, northbound, and turn left as indicated towards the pools.

What can be done in the area?

  • Lake Myvatn is a vast nature reserve with numerous birds and waterfowl, geological phenomena, and bubbling mud pools. It is highly recommended to spend at least 2 days in the area to explore all it has to offer.
  • Boiling mud pools and sulphuric mud at Namaskard, about 6 minutes drive and 4 km away.
  • The unique basalt columns of Dimmuborgir, a wide area that was once part of the lake and partly formed by a volcanic eruption. It was a meeting place for the Yule Lads, Icelandic Christmas trolls. About 11 minutes drive and 9 km away.
  • Hverfjall volcano, which can be climbed for a beautiful view of Lake Myvatn, about 14 minutes drive and 10 km away.
  • Viti Lake, located within the crater of Krafla volcano, about 16 minutes drive and 13 km away.
  • The hot water cave Grotagja, famously featured in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones,’ about 5 minutes drive and 3.5 km away.

A highly recommended hotel for accommodation is the Icelandair Hotel Myvatn, which also has an excellent restaurant.

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