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Lýsulaugar – Mineral algea baths

Located on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Lýsuhóll Geothermal Pool was built by local residents in 1981.

The mineral-rich waters are renowned for their medicinal properties, free of chemicals and regularly maintained for cleanliness. Facilities include restrooms and showers, with shower use incurring an additional fee. Close to the pool, there’s a horse riding center offering day trips to lava fields and along the coastline, as well as a hotel owned by the farm. The site features a cold-water pool and two hot water pools.

Additional amenities include massage services by Sabrina, available by appointment at +354 433 9917. The magnesium and calcium-rich waters are said to be beneficial for skin conditions, with algae (chlorella) contributing to a smooth surface that requires caution to avoid slipping.

Interesting Facts:

  • Chlorella in the water contains 50% protein, high levels of chlorophyll, and is believed to address nutritional crises worldwide in the future.
  • The green color of the water comes from sunflowers rich in iron and silica.
  • The algae help eliminate toxins from the body, improve skin issues, and provide numerous antioxidants protecting the skin from free radicals.

Visitors can combine a pool visit with a half-day horse riding tour along the coast. Nearby points of interest include the small village of Arnarstapi, offering cafes, a few hotels, and a treasure-filled seaside. A 2.5 km walk from Arnarstapi to the neighboring village of Hellnar along the coastline is a delightful activity.

Other attractions in the area include the Vatnshellir Cave, where a 40-minute tour explores a large lava tube, and the iconic Kirkufell Mountain, one of the most photographed in Iceland. Lýsuhóll farm offers daily horse riding trips or multi-day excursions.

Directions: Take Route 54 from Borgarnes towards Snæfellsnes. After passing the sign for Langholt Guest House, the pool is approximately 6 km to the right.

Opening Hours (Seasonal): The pool is open during the summer months and sometimes in winter. It is advisable to call and confirm during the winter at +354-4339917+.

  • June: 13:00-20:30
  • July: 13:00-21:00
  • August: 13:00-20:30

Rental Options:

  • Towel: 500 ISK
  • Swimsuit: 500 ISK
  • Shower Usage: 1000 ISK

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