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Landbrotalaug Hot Spring

Landbrotalaug is a hidden gem nestled along a dirt road in western Iceland, en route to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. These small pools are man-made, and their creation is likely influenced by the nearby Eldborg Caldera, which, due to geological activity in the region, contributes to the presence of warm water springs.


There are two pools—one small and suitable for two people, while the other is slightly larger and fed by a hot water pipeline.

Please note that there are no changing rooms or facilities on-site.

Notable Facts:

  • The pools are not deep.
  • Water temperature ranges between 36-40 degrees Celsius.
  • The smaller pool may have a short wait, with most people leaving after about half an hour.
  • In the larger pool, fed by the hot water pipeline, the water is hottest near the source and gradually cools towards the edges.
  • Coordinates for hard-to-find locations: N64 49.923 W22 19.130

Activities in the Area:

  1. Eldborg Caldera: A magnificent caldera standing at the heart of the landscape, offering a climb to its summit. With a height of 60 meters, depth of 50 meters, and a diameter of around 200 meters, it is part of the volcanic system that makes up the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Approximately 15 minutes drive and 17 kilometers away.
  2. The Black Church in Budir: Built in 1701, this church in Budir is steeped in history and was initially chosen by a unique method. Elders asked a young man to shoot three arrows into the air, and where the third one landed, they erected the church. A 43-minute drive and approximately 58 kilometers away.
  3. Ytri Tunga Beach: A bay where seals can be observed, typically lounging on the rocks, with a chance to witness the harbor seal pup, distinctively lighter in color than the grey seal. About a 34-minute drive and 44 kilometers from Landbrotalaug.
  4. Budir Hotel: For those seeking luxurious accommodations, Budir Hotel is an opulent option. The hotel’s restaurant offers delectable and upscale chef-prepared dishes, and it is conveniently located near the church.

Directions: Travel west from Reykjavik towards Borgarnes on Route 1, then turn left onto Route 54 at the junction with Route 55. Drive approximately 4 kilometers until reaching “Stóra Hraun,” then follow the dirt road to the right. After about 1.3 kilometers on the dirt road, take a left at the junction onto another dirt road. Continue until you reach the parking area. The walk to the Eldborg Caldera is approximately 100 meters.

Open year-round, although the dirt road may be inaccessible during winter months or when covered in snow.

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