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Fosslaug Geothermal Pool

Nestled along the banks of the Húseyjarkvísl River, Fosslaug is a captivating geothermal pool constructed with stones, featuring multiple levels and a silted bottom. Situated in close proximity to the Reykjafoss waterfall, the pool derives its warm waters from a nearby hot spring.

The pool is also known as the “Waterfall Pool” due to its adjacency to the Reykjafoss waterfall. The warm waters in the pool are a product of a hot spring located near the waterfall. The surrounding landscape, with the nearby stream and waterfall, complements the perfect setting of the pool.


There are no changing rooms, showers, or amenities at the site. The parking area is a 5-minute walk away.

Interesting Facts:

  • Fosslaug is located near Reykjafoss, the “Waterfall of Rising Steam.” Adjacent to the pool by the waterfall, there is a hot spring-like area, and steam emerges from the cracks in the waterfall’s walls.
  • Water temperature is approximately 40 degrees Celsius.
  • It is recommended to stay even when it’s snowing, as the experience becomes exceptionally magical.
  • The pool can accommodate 8 to 10 people.
  • The pool is man-made.
  • A cold stream runs nearby in the river, allowing visitors to cool their feet if the water in the pool is too warm.

Activities in the Area:

  1. Varmilækur Horse Farm Skagafjarðarvegur: Experience Icelandic horseback riding and witness the unique five gaits of Icelandic horses. Visitors can also embark on horseback riding adventures lasting several hours. The farm is located 3 kilometers from the pool.
  2. Glaumbær: A charming museum featuring turf houses, situated in Skagafjörður, the land of horses. The museum showcases how people lived during the early settlement period, interior construction of homes, room divisions, and the unique aspects of turf houses. Approximately 14 minutes drive and 15 kilometers away.
  3. Akureyri, the Northern Capital: A 1.25-hour drive and approximately 101 kilometers away, Akureyri offers botanical gardens (free entry), a delightful town center, the harbor area, and the Hof Congress and Cultural Center. The city boasts numerous hotels, restaurants, and accommodations. Whale watching tours are also available from the harbor.
  4. Sauðárkrókur: Another town situated 26 minutes away and around 32 kilometers from Fosslaug. The harbor area features several charming restaurants and accommodations. From there, one can take boat trips to Drangey Island, which is connected to the Arctic Circle.

Directions: Travel on Route 1 towards Varmahlíð in the northern region of Iceland, then turn onto Route 752 and proceed for about 7 kilometers. Turn towards Vindheimar and cross two bridges built over the river. Take a right onto a dirt road, and follow it until reaching the parking area. A sign with the pool’s name will guide you.

The site is open year-round.

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