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Forest Lagoon

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To the enchanting heart of the forest, Forest Lagoon, nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes of Akureyri, this pristine wonder stands as a testament to Iceland’s raw beauty and ecological diversity.

Situated near Akureyri, the northern capital of Iceland, often referred to as the ‘Capital of the North,’ accessing the lagoon is a picturesque journey through the rural region of Iceland, offering views of towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, and expansive meadows.

What sets Skjálfandi Forest Lagoon apart is its unique blend of abundant woodlands and the tranquil waters that grace the lagoon. The surrounding forest forms a vibrant ecological system, home to diverse local flora and fauna. Visitors can encounter Arctic birch trees, indigenous shrubs, and sprawling grass carpets that change hues with the seasons. Additionally, the lagoon serves as a breeding ground for various bird species, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching.

The centerpiece of the forest lagoon is undoubtedly its pristine waters, reflecting the surrounding beauty like a mirror. The virgin waters of the lagoon originate from a local geothermal spring, ensuring a constant supply of pure, warm, and crystal-clear water.

Pools: There are two pools at Skjálfandi Forest Lagoon. The larger pool spans 530 square meters, maintaining a temperature around 37 degrees Celsius, equipped with two bars and convenient entry points. The smaller pool measures 53 square meters, maintaining a temperature around 40 degrees Celsius.

Finnish Dry Sauna: Within the complex, you’ll find a warm and dry Finnish sauna. In contrast to steam rooms, known as wet saunas, there is no moisture or vapor in the dry Finnish sauna. The humidity is kept around 20%, and the temperature hovers around 80 degrees Celsius. Beyond the health benefits associated with dry saunas, you can also enjoy a unique view of Eyjafjörður and its surrounding mountains.

Cold Plunge Pool: Adjacent to the dry sauna, there’s a cold plunge pool recommended for guests. Enjoying the combined health benefits of both the dry sauna and the cold plunge pool is highly recommended. The temperature of the cold plunge pool is around 11 degrees Celsius.

Forest Bistro: To conclude your experience at Skjálfandi Forest Lagoon, guests are invited to the Forest Bistro with a blazing fireplace. This is an excellent place to savor high-quality cuisine in an exotic setting, as the bistro is surrounded by wood and overlooks the stunning fjord of Eyjafjörður.

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