Unlocking the Best of Take Me There Iceland - Take Me There Iceland

Unlocking the Best of Take Me There Iceland

Here are some valuable tips to maximize App experience:

Selecting the Ideal Parameters for Your Trip

  • To include 4wd trips in your search results, make sure to set your arrival date between July 01 and August 31, as these trips are exclusively available during this timeframe.
  • Trips that include hiking are quite similar to those who not, but offer exceptional hikes exceeding 4-5 km. We recommend choosing these kind of trips, and once you’re in Iceland, you can decide which ones to experience and which to skip.
  • On the search results screen, you’ll find the best trips based on your selections. Once you’ve selected a trip plan and uploaded it using the UPLOAD TRIP TO APP button you’ll gain access to the complete itinerary with daily waypoints and helpful recommendations. If you decide to explore an alternative trip plan, don’t fret! You can easily go back and choose a different plan to upload, and the best part is, it’s completely free!

Before the trip


For each night of your trip, you’ll discover handpicked hotel recommendations that perfectly align with your itinerary. You have the option to book these hotels directly through the app via booking.com, or you can use any other platform you prefer for booking.

After making your hotel reservations, we strongly recommend adding each booked hotel to the app, assigning them to the corresponding days of your journey. This integration ensures that your booked hotels become an integral part of your itinerary, allowing you to easily navigate to your accommodations when the time arrives..

You can access all hotel recommendations, including those you’ve added to the app, by visiting the ‘My Hotels’ screen. You can easily reach this screen from both the app menus.

Optional activities

Throughout your itinerary, you’ll come across recommendations for optional activities such as hot springs, whale watching, snowmobiling, and more. These activities have been thoughtfully chosen to enhance your Icelandic adventure.

Booking any of these activities is a breeze using the app. Our booking system is powered by Bukon (owned by TripAdvisor), ensuring a secure and hassle-free reservation process.
To keep everything organized, we recommend adding the booked activity to the app, including the final time and booking number for your convenience.

You can access all activities recommendations, including those you’ve added to the app, by visiting the ‘My Activities’ screen. You can easily reach this screen from both the app menus.

During the trip

Day Trip screen

On the Day Trip screen, you’ll discover all the waypoints scheduled for that day, along with recommended time allocations for each location. Please note that these times are only suggestions, and you have the flexibility to adjust your visit duration as it suits you. Remember, this is a self-drive tour, and your main goal is to return to your hotel at day’s end.

Typically, if you kick off your day around 9:00 AM, you should be able to cover all the planned points and conclude your day around 7:00 PM. However, feel free to extend your day or skip certain points that may be of less interest to you. In most instances, following the suggested schedule should be sufficient.

Don’t miss out on the daily tips, as they are crafted with a wealth of experience and can often make the difference between a good day and a perfect one.

Location screen

On this screen, it’s crucial to remember that clicking the ‘TAKE ME THERE’ button will navigate you from your current location to the chosen waypoint. Why is this important? Well, if you wish to skip a waypoint, simply access the point you want to travel to, click the ‘TAKE ME THERE’ button, and the app will guide you directly to that point while bypassing any previous waypoints in the route.

Take Me There Iceland

Get started, It is totally free!

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Take Me There Iceland

Get started, It is totally free!