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Iceland In June

Iceland in June

Summer in Iceland is a unique experience. The long days (with an average of 20 hours of daylight) and the midnight sun promise to energize you and provide you with spectacular sunsets late at night. The sheep and horses roam freely in green fields, and the mountains are spectacular with different shades of minerals.

The weather is generally mild, with an average temperature of 9 °C. So even though you shouldn’t expect a real shower, neither is a snowstorm expected this season.

The mood of Icelanders has always been intrinsically linked to the weather, and this is never more evident than in June.

When the winter weather is finally over and the long-awaited sun begins to peek through the clouds, you can clearly feel the change in the mood of the people walking on the street.

Everyone is smiling, and there is a positive energy in the air. Perhaps this is also the reason that the month of June is full of festivals and celebrations.

Weather in June and daylight hours

June is undoubtedly the month of the midnight sun. Although officially in June there are between 20-21 hours in a day, the sun never sets, so it is observed 24 hours! The average temperature of Iceland in June is between 9 °C and 15 °C. This is significantly lower than the record temperature recorded at the beginning of the last century which reached 30.5 degrees Celsius.

Still, like most places in the world, Iceland enjoys many hours of sunshine at this time of year, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

Rain is another factor to consider. Although June in Iceland is not known as a particularly rainy month, the location of the island (in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) may mean that there may be some rain showers or at least drizzles from time to time.

June is the brightest month in Iceland, there’s really no other way to put it. From the beginning of the month to its end, the daylight cycle is around 20-21 hours a day, leaving only a short period for the sun to set before starting to rise again. There really is no noticeable significant darkness. In fact, this is also the reason why all houses and hotels are equipped with special thick curtains to block the sun. However, when you think about the benefits of the sun never setting it’s pretty obvious.

Travelers in Iceland enjoy unlimited travel quality time. And watching the midnight sun phenomenon is real magic!

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What to do in June in Iceland?

Experience the midnight sun

The midnight sun is for many the highlight of the Icelandic summer. A golden color takes over the sky from horizon to horizon and the scenery around takes on an amazing hue. You have to be to understand! There are so many ways to enjoy the midnight sun. There are those who like to have a picnic outside, some join an ATV trip at midnight and there are those who like to hike in the mountains to watch the setting sun touch the horizon a little before it climbs back up. Everyone in their own way, the main thing is the experience!

Take a day trip from Reykjavík

There are endless opportunities for an amazing day trip from Reykjavik. You can visit the Snæfellsans peninsula, often referred to as “Iceland on the tip of a fork”. Two other popular day trip areas include the geothermally active Reykjanes Peninsula and the South Coast with its glaciers and spectacular waterfalls. If you are looking for a longer trip. Take a self-drive trip around Iceland. You will have a full Icelandic experience and get to know the country in all its parts.

Bathing in a hot spring or geothermal pool

Iceland is the land of natural hot springs and geothermal swimming pools. Whether you choose the famous Blue Lagoon, the hot river in the “Smoking Valley” or Reykjavík’s large public swimming pool, this type of experience simply must be part of your trip to Iceland. In some pools, entry is even free! Visit our guide to the best pools in Iceland. Many do not know this, but Iceland is famous in the travel world for its unique and unusual routes. There are trails that go over glaciers and volcanoes, some that climb colorful mountains and some that end in hot springs. It can be said that Iceland has an experience suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness or age.

Events and festivals in June in Iceland

Reykjavik Arts Festival

is a festival that takes place from June 1st to June 17th with a large selection of local and international artists contributing to events all over Reykjavik. This is a great experience for anyone interested in the arts and especially if it falls on a rainy day.

The first weekend in June or the day of the sailors (Sjomannadagurinn)

All over the country you can find parties, dances and parades. The actual celebration day is on Sunday, but the night before many people go out dancing and cheering our fishermen. In the city of Reykjavík, the celebration lasts the whole weekend and was named the Sea Festival (Hatid hafsins). The festivities take place next to Grand Harbor, where people of all ages gather to see wondrous sea creatures, listen to music and watch a fascinating pirate-style pillow fight.

June 17 – Iceland’s National Day (Independence Day)

On June 17, people gather for Iceland’s Independence Day. On this day Icelanders celebrate their official independence from Danish rule, when the Republic of Iceland was established in 1944. June 17th was chosen because the leader of the independence struggle was born on June 17th. His name was John Sigurdsson and you can see him today on the 500 kroner bill. Icelanders celebrate this event with parades, concerts, balloons and lots of candy canes (granny hairs). This day is infamous for the bad weather that almost names it that day, but that never stopped the Icelanders from celebrating and neither should you.

The Icelandic midsummer – Jonsmessa

Between June 20 and 22 every year Icelanders celebrate the summer solstice. There is no better place to celebrate it than Iceland. The longest day of the year is beautifully illuminated by the magical midnight sun, something that needs to be experienced to fully grasp the concept of 24-hour daylight. In order to extend this special time, Icelanders celebrate the Icelandic Midsummer always on the night of June 24th. The night, named after John the Baptist, is considered to have supernatural powers.

The Secret Solstice Festival

One of the most recognized festivals in the country whose popularity is growing every year. The festival lasts four days and attracts international music stars. The festival is family-friendly and also hosts several other events, including performances on top of a glacier or inside a real volcano. The main location is anyway, in Laugardalur, the center of Reykjavík, near the campsite.

Driving in Iceland in June

Driving around Iceland in June is simple and relaxed compared to the winter months. Now the weather is calmer and peaceful. The only real obstacles you may encounter is deciding which attractions to visit and dealing with the bright sunlight that may enter your eyes while driving. The roads are in excellent condition. In fact, many say that June is the best month for a ring road trip. Still, as in every season, we always recommend checking the expected weather every day to know what to expect.

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