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Reykjavik Whale Watching

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Embarking from Reykjavik to Faxaflói Bay is an exhilarating experience with excellent chances of encountering whales. Knowledgeable marine biologists will guide you, taking their work seriously!

The journey includes explanations about the sea, local wildlife, and, of course, the whales. Besides the gentle giants, you’ll also enjoy a diverse array of birds during the cruise, feeding on the abundant fish in the bay.

Upon arrival at the company’s offices, present the voucher that will be sent to you immediately after completing the booking process. There, you’ll receive a boarding pass for the boat. The departure point is just a few steps from the company’s offices. En route, you can easily spot a boat docked at the visitor center, where you’ll meet the ship’s crew and explore a wildlife exhibition before the excursion.

On the Boat: The boat features several external viewing platforms providing sightlines to whales from different angles. It also has a heated lounge with a cafeteria serving hot drinks and snacks, restrooms, and a hot tub room. The excursion is accompanied by explanations from a local whale expert who will notify you of any whale sightings.

Whale Species: The most common whale species encountered during tours are Minke Whales, Humpback Whales, white-beaked dolphins, and Harbour Porpoises. Occasionally, other species like Killer Whales, Blue Whales, and Fin Whales are spotted, though not as frequently. Whales are abundant in the summer, offering an excellent opportunity to enjoy and understand them in their natural habitat.

Included in the Tour: Warm overalls and blankets Guidance in English by a marine expert Free Wi-Fi on board Access to the wildlife exhibition Heated indoor lounge on the boat Large viewing windows on the boat Whale watching guarantee (or retry for free) Photos taken by the crew

What to Bring: Comfortable shoes Warm hat Gloves Scarf Thick coat

Tips Before Booking: Warm clothing is not just a recommendation; it often determines whether your whale watching experience will be successful.

The entrance into the bay is frequently accompanied by strong winds and cold temperatures, especially in winter. Even if the day seems warm on land, don’t let it deceive you.

One significant advantage of booking a whale watching tour in Reykjavik is that you’ll likely do it at the beginning of your trip and also at the end. If you book a tour at the beginning and don’t manage to see whales, you can opt for another excursion towards the end of your journey, and with Elging, there won’t be an additional cost.

Especially in stormy weather, call a day before the tour to check if it’s proceeding as planned.

In summer, consider combining whale watching with puffin viewing, or if you’re exploring in winter, choose a tour that combines northern lights viewing. It’s worth it!

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