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‘Take Me There Iceland’ brings together Iceland best experts with advanced technological capabilities to make the world of self drive tours in Iceland simple and easy!

In just a few seconds, the application will know how to adjust the most suitable itinerary for you, present it together with all the points of interest, restaurant, optional activities and more.

Together with the app’s navigation capabilities, you can easily navigate from point to point on the itinerary and concentrate on the lovely nature of Iceland without unnecessary worries and stress!

Features and Capabilities

Choosing the Most Suitable Itinerary for Your Trip

We have created more than 50 perfect itineraries with a wealth of experience and attention to small details. With just three quick clicks, you can define several key parameters for your trip, helping the application display within seconds a reduced number of routes that could suit you very well.

On the search results screen, you can read a summary for each itinerary, view the itinerary map, and see additional details (such as whether 4WD is required, the difficulty level of hiking routes and more..) so that you can choose the itinerary that suits you best.

Choosing the perfect itinerary for you
Choosing the perfect itinerary

Once you have selected the itinerary that suits you, with one click, the full travel plan (based on the itinerary you selected and your travel dates) will be displayed in the application. It includes information on all points of interest, hotel recommendations for each night, restaurants, optional activities, and more.

The Trip Plan

The trip plan is presented by days, with all points of interest for that day listed (of course, arranged in the correct order for the day of the trip). Hotel recommendations for each evening, restaurants, and optional activities such as whale watching, glacier lagoon boat trips, snowmobiling, and more are also included.

In addition, for each day, we have provided relevant tips that will enhance your trip.

Detailed daily trip plan
Detailed daily trip plan


The application will easily take you to every point on your daily route. The “TAKE ME THERE” button, located on each screen for each point on your route, will take you via Google Maps from wherever you are to the point you are heading to.

Easy navigation
Easy navigation

Adding Your Booked Hotels and Car to the Trip Plan

Through the application, you can easily add the hotel you’ve booked for each day. After adding the hotel, the application will integrate it immediately into the daily travel plan as the last point for that day, allowing you to navigate easily at every stage of the day.

Similarly, you can upload the car you’ve rented for the trip to the application with complete rental details, such as the type of car, reservation number, rental dates, and hours.

Using the application is entirely free

The use of the application is completely free, and so is the use of each of its features. There are no hidden charges! Furthermore, you can find the best deals for hotel bookings through the application and easily collect a coupon code that will provide you with a 10% discount on car rental for the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TAKE ME THERE ICELAND so special?

In contrast to most travel apps that allow travelers to plan their own itineraries, ‘Take Me There Iceland’ App offers you meticulously crafted itineraries across Iceland. All these itineraries are expertly curated by seasoned specialists in self-guided tours in Iceland. You simply choose the trip’s duration and style, and the app takes care of the rest.

By using ‘Take Me There Iceland’, you’ll avoid unnecessary mistakes, save valuable time, and gain access to the best deals for the most rewarding destinations in Iceland. You’ll discover incredible activities, along with hotels and restaurants perfectly suited for your journey!

Do I have to book hotels through the app?

Not at all! We strongly encourage you to rely on our recommendations for nightly accommodations on your trip. However, you can book any hotel through your preferred booking system and easily add it to your trip using the app.

You recommend LOTUS for car rental. Is there a special reason for that?

LOTUS is a well-established local company with a strong reputation. They provide the best comprehensive insurance coverage, with a focus on trips that include central Iceland (4WD vehicles). What’s more, our collaboration with LOTUS grants you a 10% discount coupon (easily found in the app) for all LOTUS rentals! When it comes to renting a car in Iceland, you’ll find it can be quite costly.

What distinguishes 4WD tours from other trips?

Trips marked as 4WD in the app include ‘entrance’ to central Iceland and the Highlands. The roads in these areas are not paved, and regulations and terrain often require a 4WD vehicle. These 4WD tours are available in July and August when the roads are open. They may also involve river crossings, so you must ensure you have an appropriate vehicle (DACIA DUSTER, TOYOTA RAV4, TOYOTA LAND CRUISER) and suitable insurance coverage that covers these aspects of the trip.

When is it recommended to start your journey each morning, and when is it reasonable to expect it will end?

In our itinerary planning, we consider departure times until 09:00. Typically, the day ends around 18:00 upon reaching your hotel. There are, of course, exceptions with longer days, so it’s advisable to start those earlier. Such days are explicitly noted in the daily tips.

On certain days, you recommend optional activities (whale watching, snowmobiles, etc.). Does the itinerary account for the time these activities require?

Absolutely, yes! Having one activity per day won’t pose any issues within your daily plan, even if it’s relatively long (lasting more than two hours). Some days recommend two activities, and if you choose to book both, it’s advisable to start your day earlier (at 08:00). If necessary, you can also split activities between two days. Depending on your preferences, you can make these adjustments.

Do the itineraries account for any downtime in Reykjavik?

Yes. On the first and last days (the arrival and departure days), no specific activities are planned, except for some recommendations for Reykjavik. You can decide when and how you wish to explore Reykjavik based on your flight schedules, either on the first or last day of your trip.

Is there anything else I should know?

The app is intuitive and designed for all types of independent travelers in Iceland. Set out on your adventure, and drive safe!

Take Me There Iceland

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